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Eden Pearl

A delightful white, mould ripened soft  cheese made from pasteurised ewe’s milk

Keverigg Our Newest Cheese:


A traditionally made organic Caerphilly style cheese


Eden Valley Brie_Small_WhiteEDEN VALLEY BRIE

White mould ripened cheese made with pasturised cow’s milk. Its flavour fills the mouth with intensity and the luxurious creamy texture rounds off a sumptuous taste experience.



The smoked version of the brie. Smoked in house in the traditional manner; using a subtle mix of apple and oak shavings. The flavour is a perfect balance with a rustic refinement.



A slightly crumbly, open-textured cheese with a clean mellow flavour. Made from pasturised milk it has a rounded buttery flavour. Wonderful crumbled over salads.



A hard ewes milk cheese; mild, creamy, with a sweet aroma with a nutty undercurrent. This cheese is a fabulous pasturised alternative to Manchego which can be enjoyed in its simplicity with crusty bread.


A smooth, hard-pressed, coloured cheese with a firm, slightly flaky texture and a subtle tangy taste. Made to a local recipe using pasturised cow’s milk.



A medium soft, blue cheese with a creamy texture and a pleasant tangy aftertaste that dissolves on the palate. Made from rich Cumbrian pasturised cow’s milk – a must for the dinner cheese board!



A creamy, award winning close textured vintage ‘cheddar style’ cheese made from pasturised cow’s milk. A clean and well & well-rounded flavour is perfect for all culinary purposes.


A semi-hard cheese made from pasturised goats milk pastured in north Lake District. Pure white in colour white in colour; the rich creamy texture gives way to fresh, delicate flavour.



A semi-hard goat’s cheese skilfully smoked in the traditional manner – Smooth & silky in texture the delicate flavour is subtlety balanced with oak and apple wood smoke.

oc10Old Applebian

A crumbly, open textured cheese with a pronounced, lemony flavour and a lingering creamy aftertaste. Made from pasturised cow’s milk to a traditional Westmorland recipe.